At the end of this page you will find how to book your activity.
Because of the high traffic volume of reservation, we kindly ask you to read these USEFUL QUESTIONS before contacting us
. Thank you.

No, they can only do soft rafting, tubing, river walking e canyoning.
Yes, the important thing is knowing how to swim well, be in good health, have a weight less than 100 kg, aged 18 to 60 years.
Well… obviusly! The downhill section of the waterfall has rapids where you bathe completely but you have the necessary technical equipment.
Sometimes the racing divisions are made by the guide to ensure safety.
Because the activity include: registration;
Dressing up the technical equipment provided by the center (in changing rooms);
Theoretical and practical lesson;
Transfer service with our minibuses from the base to the embarkation at the Marmore Falls (Piazzale Byron);
Disembarking and washing of equipment;
Final shower.
Same activity in the same day with a 10 euros sale!
What a wonderful idea! Yes! You can pay by bank transfer, just send us an email to
The voucher is in digital format and yearly.
Those who receive the voucher will only have to book a week before calling the tel. (+39) 330753420.
It’s always the best time, we are the only center that is not conditioned by the river water level since it is controlled by the power station coming from Lake Piediluco, so we have a constant level.
Even if it rains, there are no problems.
We will do the task anyway, we have a great rafting center where to host all of the end to get a nice shower in the changing room and a bar for a snack.
No need to be a multiple of 6, if you are alone or fewer will just book a week before calling tel. (+39) 330753420 or tel. (+39) 366 2045118. We will take care of forming groups.
If you are more than 6 people, you will be divided on several rafts that come down simultaneously.
To place downstream of the waterfall rafting must be able to do the styles, do not be afraid to go with his head under the water and swim at ease in the waves.
We provide all the necessary technical equipment: wetsuit, shoes, jacket, helmet and buoyancy aid (life).
You should bring a swimsuit / t-shirt, shorts, needing to shower, socks.
About soft rafting the timetables are flexible, for the advanced we are constrained by the water opening of the waterfall for the hydroelectric power station.
Usually appointments are between 9.30 / 10.30 and afternoon from 2.00 pm onwards.
To book the modes are as follows:

    • If you want to book an activity within the next 7 days: to book activities beneath the waterfall call us at (+39) 330 753 420. To book soft activities or for general info call us at (+39) 366 2045118
      You can book an activity through telephone no more than 7 days in advance. If you can not take the line, please write us an SMS. We’ll call you back you as soon as possible
    • If you want to book an activity with more than 7 days in advance, click here:

    • Email us at if you are a large group, if you want to organize a team building or for any other information.