Cornelia Guida Hydrospeed

Cornelia Guida Hydrospeed

Do you hear that? The river is crashing among the rocks, rapids surround you conveying their energy, your heart is pounding… you can’t falling in the water because you’re already in.

This is the new way, very addictive, to descend into the current. Each participant wears a neoprene wetsuit, life jacket, helmet and sub fins.

And then there’s the Hydrospeeding, a kind of small floating plastic “bob”, that you have to keep firm with your hands to get off the rapids safely.

You must be in good health, be able to swim well, age between 18 and 55 years and be sporty and fit; what you have to do is follow the waterlines of the river and the recommendations of the guide that helps you in your games into the water stream.
The descent takes two hours and you must also know how to swim well and be healthy.

The Centre Le Marmore is recognized by the Italian Association of Hydrospeed (A.I. Hydro).









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