Rafting Marmore


Rafting alla Cascata delle Marmore


In Umbria, beneath the Marmore falls, less than a one-hour drive from Rome, there is an ideal place for rafting : the fabulous descent of rapids on a rubber dinghy. Here, the Nera river bubbles over the rocks for over three kilometers, forming fourth degree rapids (on a scale from 1 to 6), surrounded by lush vegetation, in a beautiful tropical-like setting. As has been the case with the thousands of enthusiast who, over the past ten years, have come to experience the thrill, no particular skills are required: one must simply be a good swimmer and be in good health.
Once the watertight attire, the lifesaver and the helmet supplied by the organization are donned, and after the theory-practice lesson that is delivered prior to the descent, one reaches the boarding point situated right beneath the Marmora falls, the tallest in Europe. Each dinghy accommodates six people, generally at their first experience, and the licensed guide who gives instructions during the descent, which lasts about one hour.

Attività soft: rafting


Easy Rafting – Hydrospeed-Tubing

It is open to everyone, including children and people who do not know how to swim. The descent takes place inside the Nera river park, along the 8-km section between the Ferentillo and Arrone municipalities. The groups must comprise at least 6 people.
In the months of April, May and June easy rafting is available to schools at special prices. The groups must include at least 20 students and teachers.




Canyoning is a way of crossing the mountain and, therefore, of literally getting to know it in depth. From the tall peaks of the Sibillini mountains, water flows down towards the Valnerina in a thousand streams, through deep and winding passages that it has cut into the rock in the course of thousands of years of erosion. The result are truly spectacular gorges, gullies and canyons, signs of nature that have forever generated fear and legends. Accompanied by the Alpine Guides licensed by the “le Marmore” Center, one lets oneself down with ropes, sliding on the toboggans and diving into the pools.
Those who are at their first experience and want to feel the thrill without making too much of an effort can descend into the Fosso di Rocca Gelli, letting themselves down on ropes for a distance of 15 meters maximum (lasts 2 hours). Otherwise, if one has more time and greater athletic zeal, there is the Forra del Casco, a 20-minute drive from the “le Marmore” Center, but here the jumps are of even 30 meters (lasts 4 hours). The attire and technical equipment is supplied by the organization.





The river booms as it crashes on the rocks, the rapids enfold you conveying their energy and your heart beats fast, but there is no risk of falling into the water because you’re already in it ! This is the new and exciting way to descend the current. Each participant dons a neoprene wetsuit, lifesaver, helmet and flippers. And then there is the hydrospeed, a sort of small “bobsled” made of floating plastic, which one must hang on to tightly with one’s hands and which allows one to drift safely along the rapids.
It is not difficult and does not require much strength: you must simply abandon yourself to the course of the river water and observe the directions of the instructor who follows you as you play in the current. He/she helps you to discover its secrets,
allowing you to enjoy yourself safely.
The descent lasts about two hours and, like for rafting, one must be a good swimmer and be in good health




The “le Marmore” Center organizes all year round canoeing courses consisting of 5 lessons at three different levels, which are generally held in three week-ends or from Monday to Friday in the summer. The school is recognized by the Italian Kayak
Canoeing Federation and avails itself only of licensed canoeing instructors who alone can guarantee that the basic techniques are learned in the current in full safety. Each lesson lasts about three hours and generally involves groups of 5-6 people. There are also special slalom racing courses held in the facility situated behind the large ENEL plant of Galleto and summer courses for youngsters ; moreover, the Center is licensed to teach canoeing to the disabled.
Coordinator: Mario Adolini – Tel. 335 7493414

Requirements for rafting and hydrospeed


In order to be admitted one must necessarily be:

  • aged between 18 and 55 (minors must be accompanied by a parent);
  • a good swimmer;
  • in good health and have consulted one’s general practitioner in the course of the year to ascertain this (self-certification at the
  • time of enrollment);
  • weigh less than 100 Kg; and

not present the following absolute contra-indications:

  • cardiopathies of any nature; hypertension; syncopes or fainting fits of any nature
  • deficiency of the bone, muscle-tendon and articular apparatuses such as to reduce physical and self-rescuing
  • pathologies affecting the respiratory system such as asthma, emphysema, etc.
  • central and peripheral neurological pathologies (paralysis, paresis, epilepsy, etc.), psychosis, significant neuroses
  • pathologies affecting the digestive system and genital and urinary tract
  • pregnancy
  • eye disorders and pathologies (severe myopia, detachment of the retina, glaucoma, etc.)
  • be under the influence of pharmaceuticals, drugs and alcohol

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