The Center supplies the wetsuits and neoprene footgear, the recognized floating apparel (“lifesaver”), the helmet and the paddle.

Every participant must bring:

a bathing suit;

a T-shirt, shorts or, better yet, tights, a spare pair of socks. In cold months it is also necessary to bring sweat pants and a sweat shirt to be worn under the wetsuit. For hydrospeed the complete specific wetsuits are supplied.


The participants are subdivided into groups of 4-8 people; the Center supplies the wetsuits or neoprene apparel, strapping gear, helmets, ropes, etc.. Participants must bring the same garments as for rafting as well as a pair of trainers that can get wet.


For those who do not have all the equipment required for canoeing, it is possible to rent all the necessary gear at the Center;
kayak, spray deck, paddles, helmet, lifesaver, attire and shoes.

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