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Photo-05 Rafting and Hydrospeed are regularly organized in the river section downstream of the waterfall and can be combined with each other even during the half day.
Each crew consists of 6 people + the fifth level Rafting Guide. If you want to get down with your friends on the same raft, it’s preferable to be in six or multiples of six.
The inflatable boats come in line at a safe distance. For those who do not have the necessary prerequisites, for carers or those who want a preliminary experience, we recommend choosing Rafting Soft which can also be combined with rafting downstream of the waterfall. Duration: 2 and half hours approx.
Hydrospeed: minimum 4 people – max 12 people. Duration: 3 hours approx.
River Walking is the new way – open to everyone – to enjoy the tropical jungle paradise under the highest waterfall in Europe. At the Marmore Center you can also practice the river walking . The activity consists of a guided descent of the pools of Nera River. Accompanied by experienced guides, you will be able to discover the park’s and waterfalls wonders from another point of view. Equipped with safety helmets, life jackets and special shoes, guests can experience sensational emotions by strolling on the river bed. This activity is suitable for everyone. A simple walk between woods and rocks, between shade and sun, between water and dirt paths.
Canyoning in Rocca Gelli lasts 4 hours approx. and can be done in the same day with rafting or hydrospeed. Advanced canyoning in Fossa del Casco lasts a day.
Participants can have lunch or dine at a discounted restaurant for a price of 17 euros (a first course, a second plate between grilled meat, scamorza cheese or vegetables, side, fruit and coffee, wine or drink and water)
The weekend is the perfect time to do more activities together and make new friends.
In July and August, the “weekend” proposals are automatically proposed to groups of at least 6 people.

photo017School programs are suitable for children from the fourth and fifth grade to upper secondary school students. All activities are carried out in absolute safety with qualified personnel (F.I.R. qualified guide) and the constant assistance of a co-ordinator.
Programs can be varied as far as possible to meet the needs of the school.
Call us 3319255167 or write to
photo018 “Le Marmore” shares the values that inspire volunteering of Scouts and non-profit organizations for humanitarian purposes.
Rafting and our activities can become a means of achieving important goals by those groups and organizations that are in the field of youth discomfort.
The scout groups can include a soft rafting descent for their local excursion at the price of only 28,00 euros (groups of at least 15 people).
For more information: 366 2045118

For ONLUS, for those who deal with physical and mental disabilities and for those who work in the recovery of drug addicts or detainees, we offer all our professionalism with customized programs to be included in rehabilitation courses.
In this case, call: 331-9255167

Call us at 366-2045118 and discover the beauty of 5km of river, nestled in the Nera River Park, on our inflatable boats with patented FIRaft (Coni) guides.

Family packages:
– Dad, mom with one child (under 16 years) € 90.00 (instead of 100.00);
– Dad, mom, with two children (under 16 years) € 110.00 (instead of 130.00);
– Dad, mom with three children (under 16 years) € 130.00 (instead of 160.00).

Costs are inclusive of complete equipment.
children rafting Arrone  children 1

Team Building at Le Marmore

Team Building at Le Marmore

Business Incentives

Numerous companies combine some of our sporting proposals with their congressional initiatives.

For accommodation there are hotels in Terni ( and Spoleto which can host high-level congress events.

Le Marmore has two equipped nautical centers and can offer an appropriate service to this type of participants.

We can organize soft rafting races up to 100 people at a time with outdoor dining cooked by a high quality catering company and typical Umbrian menus.

We also can organize a photo service to capture the various moments of the day.

In the downhill section of the Waterfall – for those who have the prerequisites – we can also bring 60 participants at a time with matching rafting slopes in the “Nera” River Park in synchrony for those who want a more soft activity.


Incentives for Sports Centers and Events

The large hall of the Papigno headquartes

For sports centers, associations, cral and private clubs that want to organize recreational and convivial events, we can combine our sport activities with banquets and parties at our Papigno headquartes, with a disco lounge with stage for live music.

And for those who want to spend a “sports and leisure” weekend, there are several facilities in the area, economical and also suitable for large groups.


We collaborate with the ancient residence “Abbazia di San Pietro in Valle”,, just 15 minutes away from the Papigno site and where beauty and peace are outstandingly exceptional in training and group insights. We offer our professionalism to training companies to organize rafting or rafting activities to be included in the programs.

salsicciata The courses are structured in various levels and are customized according to the specific needs of the company. Participants are given initial training to move safely into the river and current environment.
Different situations are realized in which to experience the value of the group, the ability to express their resources and to enhance those of others, intuition and promptness in decision making, group holding in the face of failure and leadership. This is also done through roll play to solicit group dynamics and then be able to re-examine them in the classroom through audiovisual support.
The participant discovers his resources and acquires new ones, facing a new, difficult and dangerous environment. It favors emancipation, freedom of expression, the reduction of reality by letting go of losing inhibitions and useless defense mechanisms.
The body and playfulness become a means of reconciling personality and reconciliation with reality.
The courses are customized according to the needs of participants and identify with these three levels:
Level 1 – New agency
It stimulates focus on teamwork and creates a shared system based organizational system.
(team building and leadership)

Level 2 – Customer satisfaction
Experiences become more complex, scenarios change suddenly and have to respond instinctively, with passion. Everyone is called upon to express their resources, the result is achieved only by empowering all team members.

Level 3 – The chief
A level reserved for managers who, after mastered the basic techniques, will have to run challenging scenarios where they play the role of leader, implement strategies, and seek to reach the goal by creatively engaging human resources entrusted to them.


Corsi per istruttori UISP di canoa e kayak fluviale“Le Marmore” Center has been designated by UISP as the National Training Center for Canoe and Kayak Fluvial (C.F.K.F) for the Center-South of Italy and is qualified to prepare, select and update those who intend to acquire this title.
You must: be 18, know how to run the kayak knowingly on WWII paths, know the technical basics of the eskimo river kayak.
The course includes 20 hours of practical and 4 theoretical lessons with up to 6 candidates per trainer.

For more info:, for subscriptions call us: 330-753420.

Contact us by mail as soon as you have a minimum of 4 people, we’ll set a comfortable weekend for everyone!



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