In Umbrian, under the Marmore waterfalls, less than an hour’s drive from Rome, there is the perfect place for rafting: the awesome descent of rapids in inflatable. Here the “Nera” river rushes fast seething on the rocks for over three kilometres, forming rapids of fourth grade, (on 1 a scale 6 from 1 to 6), surrounded by lush greenery, in a similar tropical environment.

As has been the case for the thousands of enthusiast who, over the past 20 years, has came to experience the thrill, You should not have any special skills to try it: you must can swim well, you must be in good health, age between 18 and 60 years and weights less than 100 kilos (the management reserves the right to exclude from the advanced sports who can demonstrate adequate physical and psychophysical aptitude).

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After you worn the neoprene suit, the buoyancy AIDS “lifejacket”, neoprene shoes, helmet and jacket provided by the Organization, and after following the theoretical-practice lesson that precedes the descent, you reach the point of embarkation below the Marmore waterfalls, the highest in Europe.

On each boat there are six people, usually at their first experience, and a licensed guide (“Federazione Italiana Rafting” license) who gives the orders during the descent which lasts about an hour, The activity, including the shower, lasts two or three- hours.

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