Marmore Flux and Alluvial Rescue Training Center

dsc_7827 The Marmore Center is currently the exclusive agency for Italy for Rescue 3 International, the world’s largest organization for the River Flu and Alluvional World, headquartered in the USA.
In the Marmore team there are 4 of the 7 Rescue 3 instructors currently enabled in Italy.
The Rescue 3 standard is now recognized as the most effective for rescue teams in the USA, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and Italian volunteer organizations such as Civil Protection. These are at the moment the nations that adhere to this standard: the United States, Canada, Switzerland, England, Zaire, Zimbabwe, Australia, Costa Rica, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Nepal and other European countries.

The moving water kills every year more than fire. Floods are an increasingly frequent and devastating event in many parts of our planet and the phenomenon is increasing due to the sudden changes in climate due to the greenhouse effect.
In the US, 10% of the population is at risk of alluvial disasters.
The magnitude of a flood is significantly higher than that of fire damage, and the danger for rescuers is four times higher than any other type of Firefighter intervention, including home-aided rescue and urban rescue.

rescue1 The great experience gained by the founding members of the Marmore Center, in years of downhill and exploration in the most challenging river paths on Earth, has allowed them to carry out pioneering action in the field of river and alluvial rescue in Italy.
Recognized as a river rescue school for the most important national federations and associations, and as a training center for the River Salvation section of the FIN (Italian Swimming Federation), the Marmore School has now become a point of excellence that collaborates Actively with the Fire Department, Public Relief and Civil Defense Department (VVFF), whether they are members of the SAF (Speleo, Fluvial Alpine Rescue) Nuclei and the Special Aquatic, Portual and Diver Service Facilities.
Alongside courses aimed at rescue professionals, the River Marmore River and Rescue Center organizes training courses with the Rescue 3 standard for technicians and all those who teach, drive, and simply practice water sports with enthusiasm and commitment.

rescue2The effectiveness of the Rescue 3 model is within its training modules that, in addition to being simple and effective, can be adapted to different environmental environments and can be shared by both professional and volunteer staff or simple river sports practitioners.
The secret of the Rescue 3 system is to bring the rescuers to communicate using the same language, the same rating systems and the choice of priorities.
Is only through an exchange of experiences between rescuers of different nature and origin (VVFF rescue professionals, mountaineers, high school canoeists, bathing assistants, rafting and hydrospeed technicians) that was able to create a common international standard And will soon become the only recognized standard in Europe.

In the autumn of 2006, the Marmore Center organized the most important river and flood relief event ever before in Europe. In the two days of Wild Water World, the most important national and other European and national river and flood relief organizations were confronted. From the Red Cross Fire Brigade, by the River Savings Officer of the Italian Swimming Federation, from canoeing teams with terrestrial dogs to watercraft riders for sea rescue and riverside rushes.
A key event for industry experts who have consolidated the need to share models and strategies that can enhance and promote synergies in real intervention situations, both on a preventive and operational level, in areas at risk of hydrogeological disasters and zones Where river sports disciplines are held.
Learn how to manage a rescue scenario where right and timely choices can save lives is an extremely enriching and training exercise that helps you know your limits and enhances team play and human solidarity. An exercise not only useful in the river but also in everyday life.

Patents issued

Patent Rescue3 International
dsc_8452Swiftwater Rescue First Responder
First Aid River and Alluvial Rescue Course: This is a basic groundwater emergency rescue course that meets the US National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard 1670 “Standard on Operations & amp; Training for Technical Search & amp; Rescue Incidents “, (Operating Standard & Training for Accident and Rescue Techniques), in water.
In the two course days, 16 hours of classroom work and exercises, the basics of first intervention and self-protection in the river and alluvial environment are taught.
The course materials are water stabilizer stabilization techniques and the role of support for First Responders in the teams of rescue technicians.
The course is intended for Civil Protection Volunteers and other relief organizations that come from hydrogeological risk areas. The First Responder Course is considered to be a preliminary and useful, but not indispensable, to access the course for SRT-1 Technicians


Patent Rescue3 International

img_0497SRT 1 (Swiftwater Rescue Technician 1)
Course for Fluvial and Alluvial Relief Technicians.
It is a course dedicated to State Police Rescue Workers (VVFF, Fluvial Police), Red Cross and Red Cross Volunteers and other organizations dealing with the sector. Other recipients are the technicians of the Italian Rafting Federation, the Italian Canoe Kayak Federation, the UISP Acquaviva Area, the Italian Canoe Tourist Association and the water sports enthusiasts and the high course kayak.
It’s an evolution of the First Responder Course.
Of the thirty hours of the course most are practical exercises that take place in three days.
The concepts described in the First Responder are resumed in more detail, some of which are put into practice with a series of tests and scenarios.
The acquisition of First Responder certification is recommended but not essential to be admitted to the SRT1 course.


Patent Rescue 3 International

img_2603SRT-ADVANCED (Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced)
Advanced Course for Fluvial and Alluvial Relief Technicians.
It is a course that takes place in three days plus a search to be done at night. It is the continuation and deepening of what are the subjects of the SRT-1 course in complex and dangerous scenarios that form technicians able to meet the strict standards of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association ).
Participation in the course is reserved for technical personnel already in possession of the SRT-1 patent.