River Walking is the new way – open to everyone – to enjoy the tropical jungle paradise under the highest waterfall in Europe. The Marmore Waterfall is opened and closed by a dam at different times of the day. When the waterfall is open, the Nera River has a capacity of 14 cubic meters per second that allows the practice of Rafting and Hydrospeed. When the waterfall is closed, the flow reaches 1 m to the second, it is at this time that River Walking is practiced: the descent of the natural pools that are formed on the riverbed. A simple, relaxing activity that allows contact with a world unique environment such as the Marmore. No special requirements are required for this activity and you do not have to know how to swim.

river walking

At the Marmore Center you can also practice the river walking . The activity consists of a guided descent of the pools of Nera River. Accompanied by experienced guides, you will be able to discover the park’s and waterfalls wonders from another point of view. Equipped with safety helmets, life jackets and special shoes, guests can experience sensational emotions by strolling on the river bed. This activity is suitable for everyone. A simple walk between woods and rocks, between shade and sun, between water and dirt paths.


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