Roma ome is Rome and although most of the times you want to escape, at the end we always find a way to stay, to walk on the banks of the Tiber, to visit museums, to stop for a lunch at Villa Borghese or to shop downtown.

Yet a day to switch off, especially in summer, is what you need. Many rush to the sea, making endless queues to reach a place on the beach, others prefer the heights of the mountain;others would like to, but eventually remain in the capital.

Here some good reasons to leave the city, even for a day,.And devote your body and soul to nature and to the fun at Cascata delle Marmore. The first thought is likely to be: “Oh God I’ll have to take the car!Who knows how far is it?”. Actually Cascata delle Marmore is less than two hours far from Rome and is very easy to be reached by the highway;it’s a bit more than a walk and offers you a show that will repay for the fatigue of the travel.
Roma - Marmore

Cascata delle Marmore is the highest European waterfall and is only a step away from home, because of that every year attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Moreover it is an artificial waterfall! Correct… the water is regulated by a dam opened and closed with fixed times of the day. So remember not to be upset if when you arrive, the waterfall is turned off; just wait for the reopening time in order to admire the roar of the water.

Roma - Marmore


Should you consider the waterfall with its magnificent jumps not worth an hour’s journey, you need to experience the possibilities offered by the Marmore Rafting Center in order to change your mind. Their activities are suitable for all ages: children may have fun doing Soft Rafting, alone or together with their parents. Aside you are offered the experience to ride river Nera rapids paddling in a raft or swimming in the waters with hydrospeed or canyoning between rocks and gorges overlooking the river.

Roma - Marmore

If you are not an experienced sportsman, do not be afraid; there is no danger, because none of these sports requires a previous preparation; requirements are: to be in good health and to be able to swim; as for the rest the guides will take care of everything; they are all highly qualified and ready to teach you whatever you need for a fun and above all safe descent.

Last but not least for those who want to practise a relaxing activity when the waterfall is closed, admiring the beautiful panorama, River Walking is a possibility. The water level drops dramatically and allows walking on the river bed, granting a suggestive experience in contact with nature.
Moreover do not miss Tubing with a circular inflatable dinghy similar to a donut; in that case the bath is guaranteed !.

Roma - Marmore

River Walking

You just have to book your descent, or your walk, take the car and get to Cascata delle Marmore to spend a day full of fun!.

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