Hydrospeed in Umbria

Hydrospeed under the cascade Marmore Falls

  • Requirements:
  • Be healthy
    Being able to swim very well
    Age between 18 and 55
    Have good stress resistance
    The management has the right to select participants during the theorical/practical lessons
  • Supplied equipement:
  • Muta long jhon 5mm
    5 mm long john salopet in neoprene
    Neoprene jacket
    Life jacket
    Transportation to boarding spot
    Locker in the locker room for personal belongings (lock is not provided)
  • You need to bring:
  • Swimsuit
    A change of underwear; a technical underwear is recommended for coldest months (no cotton)
    What needed for the shower (towel, flip flops and shampoo)
  • Price
  • 80 euro per person

The river bubbles with echoes among the rocks, the rapids are all around communicating their energy; your heart beats faster, but here there is no worry of falling in the water because you are already inside the water.

That is the new and very engaging way to go down the river. Each participant wears a neoprene suit, a life jacket, an helmet and fins.

Then there is the hydrospeed, a sort of small floating rubber “bob” to be hold tightly with the hands in order to float safely in the rapids.

To practise hydrospeed participants have to be in good health, being able to swim, with an age between 18 and 55 years old and be sporty and fit; they have to follow the water lines and the instructions of the guide, who drives you inside the water games and reveals you the secrets that make you enjoy e.t safely.
The descent lasts about two hours; in order to do it to swim well and to be in good health is requested.