Rafting in Umbria sotto la cascata delle Marmore

Rafting under the Marmore Falls

  • Requirements:
  • Requirements:
    Good health without physical problems.
    Being able to swim
    Age between 18-55 years
    if needed the management has the right to select participants during the theorical practical briefing.
  • Following equipement is supplied by the center:
  • Long jhon salopet
    Floating aid
    Transportation to embarkation
    Lockers in locker room for personal storage (lock is not included)
  • What to bring:
  • Underwear is recommended as well as a technical underwear in the colder months (no cotton)
    What needed for the shower (towel, slippers and shampoo)
  • Price
  • 55 euros per person

In Umbria, under the Marmore Falls less than an hour from Rome, you may find an wonderful place to go rafting descending the rapids on rubber dinghies. Here the

Nera river flows fast bubbling over the rocks for more than three kilometers with rapids of fourth degree (from 1 to 6 the difficulties of rafting), surrounded by a

lush vegetation in a tropical like environment.

As for the thousands of people who experienced that emotion in the past twenty years, you do not need particular skills:

it is enough to be able to swim well, to be in good health, with an age between 18 and 55 and to weigh less than 100 kg; the Management has the right to exclude

from advanced sports activities those who do not give evidence of adequate psychophysical skills.

After wearing the neoprene suit the shoes, the water jacket (e.t. is supplied by the center) and after a theorical and practical briefing, visitors wear the floatingaid “life preserver” and the helmet; than they are driven by means of a Le Marmore vehicle to the embarkation which is located just aside the Cascata delle Marmore, the highest one in Europe.

On each boat there are six people, generally at their first experience, and a qualified guide of F.I.Raft (Italian Rafting Federation) that gives them the

commands during the descent; the descent lasts about one hour; the whole activity, the shower included, lasts about two and 1/2 hours.