River Adventure under the marmore waterfall in the Nera river park Umbria

  • Requirements
  • Good health without physical problems.
    Knowing how to swim
    Age between 12-60 years
    The management reserves the right to select the participants during the theoretical practical lesson
  • It is supplied:
  • Long john dungarees
    Aqua jacket
    Jacket (buoyancy aid)
    Transportation to boarding
    Locker in locker room for personal storage (lock not included)
  • What to bring
  • Wettable shoes better if high
    Underwear replacement swimsuit is recommended a technical underwear in the colder months (no cotton)
    the necessary for the shower (bathrobe slippers soaps)
  • Price
  • 35 euro per person

Unique experience in Umbria: River Adventure under the Marmore Falls! The River Adventure is an exciting preliminary exploration before rafting, an adrenaline-filled but relaxing activity that allows you to immerse yourself in a unique environment in the world, such as the majestic Marmore Falls.
Located in the suggestive Canyon under the highest waterfall in Europe, the River Adventure offers exciting white water courses that will leave you breathless.

To fully experience a paradisiacal setting similar to a tropical jungle, a short distance from Rome, don’t miss the opportunity to try the River Adventure at the Marmore Falls! The Marmore Falls is regulated by a dam with specific opening and closing times during the day. When the waterfall is open, the Nera River reaches a flow rate of 14 cubic meters per second, ideal for class 4 rafting and hydrospeed. When the waterfall is closed, the flow rate drops to 1 meter per second, the perfect moment to practice the River Adventure: a guided descent between the natural pools that form on the river bed in an atmosphere of total peace and harmony.

The requirements to do River Adventure

To carry out this activity there are no special requirements and you don’t need to know how to swim.

The practice of River adventure, also known as River Trekking, is not barred to anyone. This activity is suitable for everyone, from the little ones to those who don’t trust Mother Nature so blindly or don’t like adrenaline and risk. A walk between woods and rocks, between shade and sun, between water and dirt paths: a real breath of pure, clear air immersed in spectacular scenery.

Description of the activity

Once you reach your destination at the Rafting Center reception, you will be equipped with everything you need and you will participate in a theoretical-practical lesson with our guides who will show you all the steps and the most important notions to know! The activity consists of a guided descent of the Nera river pools. Accompanied by expert guides, it will be possible to discover the wonders of the park and the waterfalls from another point of view. Equipped with safety helmets, life jackets and special shoes, guests will be able to experience sensational emotions while walking on the river bed.

The equipment for the River Adventure

You have to wear the neoprene wetsuit, the neoprene shoes, the water jacket provided by the organization and after having followed the theoretical and practical lesson that precedes the descent, we finish dressing by wearing the “life jacket” buoyancy aid and the helmet, we reach the boarding point by our means located right below the Marmore Waterfall, the highest in Europe, in Umbria, almost at the end of the Valnerina, the long valley carved out by the Nera river. An idyllic place surrounded by nature that will take you back in time.