Canyoning in the Umbrian gorges

  • Requisiti:
  • Good health without physical problems.
    Age between 11 and 55 (Minors must be accompanied by parent)
  • It is supplied:
  • Long john neoprene dungarees
    Neoprene jacket
    Footwear (Shoes are not provided)
    Locker in the changing room for storing personal effects (padlock not included)
  • What to Bring
  • Wettable shoes are better if high
    Underwear replacement swimsuit, technical underwear is recommended in the colder months (no cotton)
    shower essentials (slippers, bathrobe, soap)
  • Price
  • €50 euros per person Basic Canyoning
    €60 euros per person Advanced Canyoning

Canyoning is a way of descending the mountain, therefore it is correct to say that it allows to deeply know the mountain itself.
From the high peaks of the Sibillini Mountains the water flows, flows down to Valnerina through sinuous and deep paths; in its thousand-year erosive action the water dug deeply inside the rock.
Gorges and canyons are the results
Accompanied by qualified personnel you enter the canyon with the ropes, slipping and diving into the pools.

We offer two different types of routes:

  1. BASE Canyoning -Torrentismo at  “La Mola Perduta “

  2. ADVANCED Canyoning – Torrentismo at the “Forra del Casco”

BASE Torrentismo at  LA MOLA PERDUTA (duration 2 hours + 10 minutes trekking):

Hidden among the hills of the Salto Valley, the Mola perduta canyon has been equipped for a few years. An easy canyon suitable for beginners, minors and all those who want to approach this activity knowing the various characteristics without too much effort. In this short route you will encounter water slides, small dives and rope descents up to 20 meters high.
Among the characteristics of the canyon, the brevity of the approach on foot also stands out, less than 10 minutes of trekking, the possibility of being able to interrupt the descent at any time and the presence of water even in the height of summer.
The route can also be practiced by 11-year-olds, and is ideal for everyone, even beginners. Among the advantages of this route is the shortened approach which allows you to arrive at the start of the route rested and therefore with the possibility of fully enjoying the experience The progression in the gorge generally does not exceed 2 hours, but a lot depends on the people who form the group of participants each time, each of whom could have different predispositions in tackling it. We offer this gorge from the beginning of April to the end of October.

ADVANCED torrentism in Forra del Casco (4 hours + 1 h of trekking):

Should you have time and an adequate sport spirit, you may experience Forra del Casco about 20 minutes by car from the rafting center; here the rappel  reaches 30 meters.

– State of good health
– age between 18 and 55 years

For both activities the appointment is in the morning at the Marmore rafting center
Via Carlo Neri 28, Papigno (TR)

After the registration the needed equipment is provided.
To reach the gorge from the rafting center you need to follow the guides with your cars.
After parking participantss need to reach the beginning of the gorge: now the real canyoning starts!
At the end of the trekking the exit from the Forra del Casco is very close to the parking area.

Clothing and technical equipment are provided by the organization; only shoes are not provided (please bring a pair of shoes that may become wet; better if they reach the ankles).


President: Luca Bucciarelli (guida A.G.A.I. Associazione Guide Alpine Italiane)